From Barley Fields to Oil Town: a tour of Huntington Beach, 1901-1922.1995-From Barley Fields

Published 1995

ABOUT THE BOOK: This 37 page booklet features both  a short history of the city, and a walking tour of 1922 downtown Huntington Beach.

WHAT THE AUTHOR HAS TO SAY:  As a resident of downtown Huntington Beach, I’ve enjoyed walking and bicycling down Main Street, the “tree” and “numbered” streets (as they are called by locals), looking at the older homes and buildings, trying to picture what the area was like in the early days.  My curiosity, and the fact that I’m a librarian with ready access to information, led me to further research in old newspapers.  This booklet is the result of what I found out about Huntington Beach.  It’s meant to be a walking guide (with a little history thrown in), to take with you as you explore the town, seeing through the veneer of today and imaging what existed in the past.

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