Haunted Long Beach 2: the odd and unusual in and

around Long Beach, California

2010-Haunted Long Beach 2Published 2010

ABOUT THE BOOK: At last, a revised and updated version of the long out of print Haunted Long Beach. New stories and updates on the original tales can be found in this riveting adventure through the eerie side of not only Long Beach, but other Southern California cities as well. Gathered from historical files and personal experiences, Ms. Burnett has researched these stories extensively to try to find historical evidence as to their cause.


  • A portal between two worlds that may exist around the Cal State Long Beach campus.

  • Native American apparitions, haunted hospitals, theaters, libraries, fire stations, hotels, cemeteries, airplanes and phantoms of the Queen Mary.

  • Personal encounters with the “unknown” told by residents of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, Wilmington and Orange County.

Rocking chairs that move by themselves, mysterious lights, phantoms of famous people, séances that lead to buried treasure, these are some of the “true” stories you’ll find in Haunted Long Beach 2.  Full of photos, a map, and a lot of history, it’s something you won’t want to miss.

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