Kerry Martin – 1987-2004

Kerry Martin – 1987-2004

Kerry at work in Government Publications.

Working for the library was one of my favorite jobs, and I’ve had quite a few. A very worthwhile place with a lot of worthwhile people.

One time Tien Tran, Charlotte Blaire-Reynolds, Greg Reynolds and I went to a movie Tien wanted us to see. A Star Wars movie was playing at the same time and I thought about going to see it again instead, but Tien dragged me along and I’m glad he did. It was about a kid who could see ghosts but you didn’t realize that until the startling end of the movie. Wow! That night as I was getting ready to hit the sack I looked through my patio window blinds as I always did, and if I would have seen someone looking through the window at me I would have gone straight through my ceiling!

A good job at a good place with good friends and good times.

Kerry 12/20/2017