Rubi Sobieski – 1994-2005

Rubi Sobieski – 1994-2005

Cleaning the Staff Refrigerators

Rubi Sobieski.

You may remember that in the late 1990s every department was assigned one day each month to clean out the refrigerators in the staff lounge – not always a pleasant job to remove leftover or forgotten food! Needless to say, sometimes cleaning day was “accidentally” forgotten, thus making the job even more distasteful for the next person.

Well, it was Stace Aspey’s turn that fine June day, but Stace must have been expecting the worst, so he dressed for the occasion.

Stace, Eleanore, Cordelia.

When he walked into the administration office wearing goggles, a masks over his nose, a full-body cover-up, shoe covers, rubber gloves and carrying a bucket, he had Cordelia Howard (Director), Eleanore Schmidt (Main Manager) and the Administrative staff in stitches laughing.

I still chuckle to myself whenever I think about that day.