Doris Newell Soriano 1968-1996

Doris Newell Soriano 1968-1996

I spent 29 years working for the Long Beach Public Library, and I enjoyed my time there.  I came to LBPL because my mother was a college roommate of Alice Appell, and I wanted to move to California after I spent the required 2 years working in Iowa (Fellowship for Iowa Native who would go back to Iowa for 2 years.  I actually spent 4 years) I was hired as a Young Adult Librarian and worked At Los Altos for Mildred Snider when Los Altos was the busiest Branch.

My second job was Branch Librarian at Bret Harte followed by doing that job at North, Bay Shore, Brewitt, and Dana.  I was also a Department Librarian at Main Library for the Science and Technology Department.  When Prop 13 was passed and the Library had to lay off employees I was demoted to Branch Librarian again,  I loved all of the libraries and the people I worked with.  I had wonderful Children’s Librarians like Jane Bradley, Lorna Kugler, Susan Taylor and many more .I had terrific Clerks like Thea Tillman and Helen Webb who taught me a lot about the Library.

Doris Soriano, 3rd from right with Project Read supporters

I was dragged into Administration by Carolyn Sutter, along with Cordelia Howard, when she needed to replace her assistant Director.  It was supposed to be for 6 months while she did a nationwide search.  Both of us were happy being Branch Librarians, but we told each other we can do anything for 6 months!  Carolyn did not find anyone she wanted, and she convinced the City Manager to allow 2 positions and talked us into applying for them.  I missed the contact with the patrons but I found I liked the Manager of Main Library Services position.  Later I became the Manager for Branch Library Services, the job I held when I retired in 1996.

I thought of the Library and its staff as my second family.  I am very grateful that Alice Appell hired me in 1968 and I found a satisfying job and many good friends.