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Haunted Long Beach 2: the odd and unusual in and around Long Beach, California

2010-Haunted Long Beach 2Published 2010

ABOUT THE BOOK: At last, a revised and updated version of the long out of print Haunted Long Beach. New stories and updates on the original tales can be found in this riveting adventure through the eerie side of not only Long Beach, but other Southern California cities as well. Gathered from historical files and personal experiences, Ms. Burnett has researched these stories extensively to try to find historical evidence as to their cause.


  • A portal between two worlds that may exist around the Cal State Long Beach campus.

  • Native American apparitions, haunted hospitals, theaters, libraries, fire stations, hotels, cemeteries, airplanes and phantoms of the Queen Mary.

  • Personal encounters with the “unknown” told by residents of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, Wilmington and Orange County.

Rocking chairs that move by themselves, mysterious lights, phantoms of famous people, séances that lead to buried treasure, these are some of the “true” stories you’ll find in Haunted Long Beach 2.  Full of photos, a map, and a lot of history, it’s something you won’t want to miss.

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            California State University, Long Beach Sightings

            Puvungna Portal?


            Seventh Street Navy & Veterans Hospital

            Carson Street Navy Hospital


            Séances & Apparitions

            Curator Reports

            The Phantom Whistle



                        Murder on Elm Street

                        Prank-Playing Presence

                        Why Me?

                        Breakers Hotel

                        Cooper Arms

            Alamitos Beach

                        Ethereal Roommate

                        Whispering Woman

                        Woman in Yellow

                        The Watcher

                        Hostile Presence

                        Villa Riviera

            Bluff Park

                        Clark Gable’s Ghost?

                        Sami Won’t Go Away

            Belmont Heights

                        Occult Music Box

                        Soggy Shoes

            Carroll Park

                        Argumentative Apparitions

                        Ghostly Biker

            Central Long Beach

                        Influenza Ghost

                        “Strange Things Happen There”

                        The Hunchback


                        Dream or Real?

                        Abortionist’s Abode?

            North Long Beach

                        The Rapper

                        Cyclical Ghost

Lakewood Village

                        Ghosts We Have Known

                        Shop Spirits


                        Haunted Pizza Parlor

                        Dora’s Story

Signal Hill

                        Why Did You Move My House?


                        The Ghost and the Buried Treasure

                        Banning Residence

                        Wilmington Drum Barracks


            Unexpected Visitor

            Haunted Theaters

            Library Ghosts

            Phantoms of the Queen Mary

            Eerie Hotels

            Fire Station Haunts


            Ghostly Balloons & Biplanes

            Christmas Ghost

            The Graveyard

            Don’t Forget Your Lucky Charm

            Phantom Airfield


            Be Careful Who You Give Flowers To

            The Almost Bride

            Do You Smell Smoke?

            Shaking Hands With the Anaheim Dead


            Roscoe’s Story

            One Last Visit

            Stopped Clock


            Visit from Michael




Abortion, 87-90

Alamitos Beach, 53-63

Aviation, 147-159

Banning, Phineas, 107, 110-113, 114

Baton, Russell, 84-85

Belmont Heights, 71-74

Bixby, Fred, 5

Breakers Hotel, 42-44

California State University, Long Beach, 4-6

Carroll Park, 74-77

Cemetery, 163-174

Christmas, 93-94, 150-152

Cooper Arms, 46-49

Daugherty, Earl, 154-157

DeForest Park, 91

Dillon, Josephine, 66

Drum Barracks, 114-115

Edukas, Mike (Duke), 28-29

Empire Day Disaster, 137-138

Fire Stations, 141-144

Fullerton, 9

Gable, Clark, 63-68

Ghostbusting 187-189

Harvey, Roscoe, Jr., 178-179

Hospitals, 13-17

Hotel Virginia, 139-140

Hyatt Hotel, 137

Humphrey, Morgan, 84-85

Influenza, 78-82

Kearney, Horace, 150-152

Lakewood, 99-103

Lakewood Village, 94-99

Library, 123-130

Lombard, Carol, 67-68

Magic Castle, 65

Makemson, John, 141-143

Meyers, Mabel, 39-42

Naples, 37

Native Americans, 1-9

Navy Hospital,…SEE Hospitals

North Long Beach, 90-94

Porter Sanitarium, xi

Puvungna,..SEE Native Americans

Queen Mary, 130-136

Rancho Los Alamitos, 5

Rancho Los Cerritos, 23-34

Schrubbe, Sylvia, 24-30

Signal Hill, 103-107

Theaters, 121-123

Veterans Medical Center,…SEE Hospitals

Villa Riviera, 61-63

Wilmington, 107-116


Puvungna Portal?

            In 1935, 29-year-old Lloyd S. Whaley left Nebraska and headed west to begin what would become a tremendous real estate career.  Within 15 years he built 5,000 homes, 525 rental units, and 35 commercial buildings; most in the Long Beach area.  However, he uncovered much more than raw land.

            In December 1952, while laying out yet another Whaley development in the Los Altos area, additional remains of the Indian village of Puvungna was unearthed.  Most thought the village had been small, confined to the promontory above Alamitos Bay. They had been wrong.  Whaley’s crew unearthed parts of two human skeletons, beads, tools and arrowheads, while breaking ground for a new subdivision 300 yards east of Bellflower Boulevard and a quarter of a mile north of Stearns Street.  Archaeologists from the Southwest Museum and Long Beach State College (the name of CSULB at the time) were certain the site was part of Puvungna.

      Does residual energy from this ancient “holy” city, visited for hundreds of years by pilgrims from local tribes, still linger?   Could the site be a doorway to another dimension? Perhaps energy from this portal is still attracting wayward souls looking for a pathway to the next realm? Some believe Native Americans chose their cemetery sites because they felt something “sacred” or “spiritual” about a particular location. Because of this, they placed their dead where the “sensation” was most noticeable and made it a protected sanctuaryIt was a place to bury and honor the dead, a place that was closely connected to the next world, a place with a portal to the next realm.

            Many find it interesting that CSULB chose to build their $22 million dollar sports complex in the shape of a pyramid. Could it be, as some suggest, that CSULB’s Walter Pyramid acts as a transfer point of energy? That it keeps the sacred energy of Puvungna alive and flowing? According to Patrick Flanagan in his book Pyramid Power, pyramids act “as an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy.” This theory might explain the odd thing that happened to a family that lives in the shadow of the 18 story edifice.

            One woman wrote to me anonymously telling of a ghostly experience her husband had in 1996, two years after the Walter Pyramid opened.  The couple lives in the Los Altos area in a home about 45 years old.  Though several families have resided in their home over the years, her husband was sure what he saw wasn’t a resident ghost.  He felt it was briefly lost, en route to somewhere else.

            It was morning and Mr. X was awoken by a low gruff voice saying very fast “wake up!” When he opened his eyes, he saw a middle aged woman in a blue dress.  She was staring at him with a surprised expression as if she were thinking “what am I doing here?”  Looking annoyed, she then disappeared.

            Had the woman in the blue dress recently died and was she led by the powerful energy she picked up from the Native American site to a “doorway” so she could cross over to another realm?

            There are reports of apparitions who act as frightened of us as we are of them.  In some cases, the apparitions believe that we, not they, are the ghosts.  These are called “dimension apparitions” which occur when two distinct spatial or time dimensions somehow merge and coexist for a time. Had time and space somehow come together in Mr. X’s bedroom?  In any case, Mr. X said he wasn’t frightened and the woman in the blue dress hasn’t returned, nor has he had any more unexpected spectral visitors.  He just hopes the woman he saw found the Puvungna Portal and the place she was looking for.

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