Ruth Brillault 1965-1996

Ruth Brillault 1965-1996

Luis Herrera & Ruth Brillault 1980s. Main library staff room.

I started at North Branch in 1965 as the Young Adult Librarian. I went to Bach in 1968 as the Branch Librarian for almost 20 years. I was sent to Dana as Branch Librarian in 1988, and retired from Dana in 1996. LBPL was a great place to work.

Memories of the Main library

Claudine asked me to cook for the Easter brunch held at Main.  She learned I only had a stove because it came with the house!  I never cook, we eat out. Another time Claudine and I ran out of gas after a book meeting and I had to walk with her to a gas station in my high heels. Then there was the time we came out of a book meeting at Main to find that a fence had been placed around the parking lot where we had parked Claudine’s car.

We were learning the Internet. I shared a computer with my dear friend, Lynda Fritz. All of a sudden porn appeared on our computer. The instructor could not believe how we did that!

Also going to Main meetings was an event. If I couldn’t get a ride with Karen Cressy or Claudine, I drove. My driving is like my cooking—not good. It is hard to get to Main when you only make right turns!

Memories of North

            I was doing a display case out front with our head clerk, Helen Webb. Suddenly the book cart rolled down Orange Avenue with us trying to stop the traffic.

Memories of Bach

            Our head clerk, Wanda Brummond, heard a noise in the trash can out back. She found a kitten. She went to Taco Bell for a burrito for the cat. She took the cat home and named him Burrito. Next day she told us her name was now Burrita.

Memories of Dana

            A homeless man helped me learn the computer, and our page helped me with math questions

Ruth Brillault – September 2, 2017