Believe it or’s true

Long Beach Men Going Bald

            The stock market of 2018 is soaring and diving at a pace rarely seen before in American economics. But did you know there may be another unforeseen consequence besides a fluctuating portfolio? Baldness! It happened before, and was believed to have been caused by the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906…sort of!             There were tough times economically in Southern California following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The stock market plunged, banks were consolidated, and there was limited new construction, causing the development of Naples and other Long Beach communities to falter. Treasurers of Long Beach fraternal organizations were disappearing with the group’s money, the Pacific Electric was cutting back on the scheduled runs to Long Beach because of a decrease in ridership, and rumors were circulating that the […]

What to do with a dead whale

On December 27, 2017, a juvenile fin whale was found dead near Pier T in Long Beach.  There was debate as to how to get rid of the carcass, but ways could be found by looking back into Long Beach’s past. Would you pay to see a dead whale?  Folks back in 1911 would, paying 25 cents ($6.50 in today’s money) for that honor.  Back then seeing a whale, even a dead one, was quite a novelty. As many as 2500 would flock to Long Beach to catch a glimpse of one of the leviathans captured by Captain John D. Loop, who vowed to resurrect the whaling industry in Southern California.  When he harpooned a whale he would place them on a big barge and tow them to the Pine […]