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Welcome to my website, presided over by myself and two cats who claim to own me!  My latest book is Fighting Fear: Long Beach, CA. in the 1940s released in August 2014.  The underground crime, gangsters, murder, and  political corruption which I described in Prohibition Madness continued, but another factor entered the picture—World War II.   Between 1940 and 1944 the population of Long Beach jumped from 164,271 to 253,331 as thousands came here to work in the shipyards and aircraft factories springing up in and around Long Beach.  It didn’t take a visionary to see that Long Beach would be a prime target for an enemy attack.  The eastern portion of the city housed numerous shipyards and a Navy base, to the north was Douglas Aircraft Company, and the Army airbase at the Municipal Airport; to the west was the Los Alamitos Naval Air Station and the Seal Beach Weapon’s Depot.  In the middle of Long Beach were countless oil wells, fueling the ships planes and other equipment needed to fight a war.

I had two new books out in 2013. Prohibition Madness which is full of never before published material on what was going on in Southern California during those notorious days when the 18th Amendment was in effect—1920-1933.  It’s a sequel to my earlier book Murderous Intent? which talks about events (including murder) in Long Beach and Southern California from the 1880s-1920.  In late June Surfing Newport Beach: the Glory Days of Corona del Mar was published. I wrote it with my surfer husband, Paul. It’s a book on the history of surfing in Newport Beach/Corona del Mar in the days before World War II. It’s full of never-before-revealed facts about not only surfing, but the early history of Newport, Balboa, Newport Bay, and the Santa Ana River (and much about Long Beach, as well).

What is my latest project?  There are several I am working on—one is Cemetery Tales, interesting stories I’ve uncovered about the Long Beach dead.  There’s also 101 Thing I Bet you Didn’t Know About Long Beach.  Also a more “scholarly” work documenting the early history of Long Beach through early newspaper accounts: Long Beach: the early years.

If you want to learn more about my books, be sure to click on the book link in my headline bar.  Also….if you like history don’t forget to visit my BLOG on this website.  It will give you a glimpse of what was going on 100 years ago.  Besides a chronology, don’t forget to read the narrative!  Also, check out my other BLOGS at Historic Long Beach Blogspot (click here). Also, Historic Seal Beach Blogspot  (click here). I hope you will find my books and blogs both informative as well as fun!


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Claudine Burnett has been a history buff for as long as she can remember. She is the former head of the Literature and History Department of Long Beach Public Library and a member of various
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Long Beach is fortunate to have such an accomplished historian. Thank you for everything you do to keep our rich history alive.
Olivia Maiser, Long Beach Auditor's office
Long Beach librarian, researcher and author Claudine Burnett has, as is always the case, been a tremendous and reliable source of some of the facts in this book. There are some history writers in this town who use her research shamelessly (she is remarkably free with it) without giving her credit. I hope to never forget or neglect to mention the work she has done in archiving and preserving the city’s history in every aspect.
Tim Grobaty, In the preface to his book 'Location filming in Long Beach'
‘Soaring Skyward’ is another example of the good publicity and attention the city receives for its rich background in aviation.
Director Mario Rodriguez, Long Beach Airport
(Haunted Long Beach) is a wonderful history of Long Beach, as well as a good source of real ghost stories…
Reader, Amazon.com
(Haunted Long Beach) I loved this book. I love Long Beach and Ghost stories. This book was very informative and fun! I learned some history that I did now know…
Reader, Amazon.com


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