Strange sea tales along the Southern California coast.  2000-Strange Sea Tales

Published 2000.  Art by Rick Ewing

ABOUT THE BOOK: True stories uncovered from local newspaper archives reveal a California that has remained buried for decades. Do sea monsters exist off the Southern California coast? From the early 1900’s through the 1950’s the author found references to something called “The Thing” spotted in the channel between Catalina and San Clemente Island. Also called “Clemente Clem,” the mysterious creature was said to have saucer shaped eyes big as dinner plates, and a columnar neck and head lifting ten feet out of the ocean. How could it be anything except a sea serpent?

TREASURE – Find out about pirate treasure, undiscovered loot from a sunken gambling ship off Huntington Beach, lost treasure from California missions.

TERROR – Relive the horror of the great shark scare of 1959.

THE BIZARRE – Learn about the hunt for the Lizard People under Los Angeles City Hall, and Viking ships in the desert.

HISTORY – Discover the history of the fishing industry, otter hunting, and whaling in Southern California, early Southern California surfing and the battle between Los Angeles and Long Beach for control of San Pedro Bay.

DISCOVER IF – Sea monsters lurk in the depths of the ocean between Southern California and San Clemente Island. Sunken Japanese mini subs from World War II are lying at the bottom of San Pedro Bay.

This is one of my earliest works, you can find it at and the Historical Society of Long Beach, 4260 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach 90807.