Louise Mazerov – 1987-2003

The one thing I remember most about my 16 years at Long Beach Public Library is the wonderful staff I was privileged to work with. Pages, Clerks, fellow librarians, and all support staff  worked hard to give the best service possible to the patrons. There were, of course, some who would drive you crazy (no names!) but even some of those would go above and beyond many times.

Whether we were cleaning up after, another, flood, hosting inspirational speakers or the bug lady, rearranging the entire collection or upgrading our computer system, everyone worked hard, ate lots of treats, and still warmly greeted the public.

Charlotte Blaire-Reynolds & Louise 2009

I sort of fell into librarianship, not knowing what I wanted to do after getting my BA in political science. Luckily I got into the Masters program at USC. One of my first Professors was Dr Gail Schalcter, a young, enthusiastic advocate for public libraries. She made me realize that this was what I wanted to do. And I did, for 36 years and enjoyed every, or almost every, minute of it.